Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen


Dr. Jorgensen is a Certified Therapist, Consultant/Supervisor and Trainer of Emotionally Focused Therapy. She is the Director of The San Diego Center for EFT and TRI EFT Alliant.

Rebecca began clinical practice during her first undergraduate practicum course in 1989, where, initially working with children, she quickly realized that working with parents created more change, safety and help for these children. 

Her interest in relationships and families grew and her first postgraduate in-depth couple training was with John Gottman and his “Scientifically Based Marital Therapy,” where she was introduced to the phenomenal work of Dr. Susan Johnson and her model of couple’s therapy.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) revolutionized Becca’s work with couples, dramatically reducing their divorce rate. She completed advanced training with Dr. Johnson and became certified as an EFT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer. 
With years of experience as an EFT trainer, Becca is one of the handful of endorsed trainers in the U.S. on Dr. Johnson’s team that trains internationally.

Dr. Jorgensen has been helping distressed relationships more than 20 years. She credits her success to understanding the principles involved and applying techniques that truly help build strong, secure and healthy relationships.

In Romania, Dr. Jorgensen has been already an inspiration for more than 150 therapists interested in EFT during 2 Externship Courses (March 2015 and June 2016), 2 Core Skills_1 (October-November 2015) and 2 Core Skills_2 (March 2016).
foto credit: Rebecca Jorgensen Emotionally Focused Therapy/FB

Dr. Zoya Simakhodskaya


Dr.Simakhodskaya is a Certified Therapist, Consultant/Supervisor and Trainer of Emotionally Focused Therapy. She is founder of the Center for Psychological and Interpersonal Development, CPID.

Through her training and clinical experience, Dr.Simakhodskaya has developed expertise in providing assessment and psychotherapy to those struggling with depression, anxiety, difficulties with anger, addictions and compulsions, trauma and abuse, coping with loss and grief, interpersonal difficulties, and career changes.  She has worked with individuals affected by the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, survivors of torture abroad, and many distressed couples.

In 2011, Dr.Simakhodskaya has founded the Center for Psychological and Interpersonal Development, CPID, where she has joined forces with a number of trusted colleagues to create a center providing complimentary services to all clients in the convenience of a coordinated center.  CPID is also a center for training and education for clinicians seeking to achieve excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

In Romania, Dr.Simakhodskaya has lead with compassion and diligence a Core Skills-1 group in October 2016.

foto credit: Zoya Simakhodskaya/FB