Sex and Attachment coming together

As promised before even go want to share the experience I lived at the “Sex and Attachment coming together” held in New York on 13-14 of June. As the name suggests it is about sex … and attachment forming a whole together and not treated specially. I learned that one without the others too can or when the force he could become some experiences cold and distant.

After passing the impression made by taxi ride in New York and treated with due respect for buildings that pierce the sky, I began conference. There was no place freely, the audience was made up of people from 18 countries to listen to the latest discoveries in the field of sexuality and attachment and the bond between them. I figured there where all the intrigues of Sex and the City took place, all the emotions and hopes, disappointments and searches and, now, the most experienced researchers came to give meaning to the unrest related to these two topics. Speakers impressed by the name, reputation and experience of a lifetime: Sue Johnson (father of therapy centered on emotions – EFT), Rebecca Jorgensen, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Clare Rosoman (therapists EFT), Ian Kerner, mouth Birnbaum, Marty Klein, Margaret Nichols, Suzanne Iasenza (psychotherapists, sexologists).

All these personalities in the field, beyond the particular subject touched, had several common features: non-pathologicalization and non-judicativitatea. I am grateful to have been exposed to asemnea therapeutic culture: with open mind; with normal-abnormal, just genuine curiosity and sense-giving; without quantitative descriptions, only qualitative; increased interest for each specific experience in hand.

Our mind plays tricks on us therapist and a useful exercise is “shaking” of brains, that is all we know because we have taken without a proper pass through the filter. Such as when we say sex should not think only of penetration when we say sex does not just think in the end (orgasm), but only to travel like if instead of running we think of satisfaction, such as whether the couple instead we think of how many people will be in a relationship (polyamory), such as when we talk about gender no longer fit the male and female? And sitting there and hearing people talking about sex with or without penetration, sex with or without attachment, without attachment or sexuality, I realized that it would be liberating … therapists, especially for customers. Some of the problems would disappear addresses us (if being three or more in a relationship as something accepted, would give a meaning so painful relations extarconjugale) or would diminish.

So ask yourself every time: how much are subjected to stereotypes in thinking? Does therapeutic course that I started with the client due to a REAL customer needs or prejudices to which it is exposed and which we “swallow”? If so … Free Your Mind Will Follow … the rest!

Herb psychotherapist Simona