Exclusive live webinar – Susan Johnson

News on 1 Jan , 1990

Dear friends of EFT,

Spend an hour and a half with Dr. Sue Johnson, the renowned founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples.
Join us for a special EFT Romanian community meeting with an exclusive live webinar, where Sue will discuss with Simona and share her thoughts on EFT and attachment theory, and how to use EFT with Escalated Couples.

There will also be time for her to answer some of your EFT questions.
We now know, in theory, what a secure, satisfying partnership looks like and how to help couples get there. But in practice, the road to lasting and felt connection in couples therapy is rarely smooth.
Please join us and bring your colleagues. No prior EFT training is required. Such community meetings are always free and open to all friends of EFT. All you need is interest in learning about the EFT model and what a great opportunity to learn from the founder.

Meeting details

5th of April 2017; for other details please follow our events page !