EFIT and Trauma with Dr. Leanne Campbell- online opportunity

Admin Assistant: Becky Fougere



Should I attend this training if I can’t Zoom in, in realtime? 

In designing the program we are keeping in mind that some folks won’t be able to watch in realtime.

If you can’t attend in realtime, you will still learn so much by watching it later — perhaps watching more than once to consolidate the learning!

Leanne will be  showing  video  –  some related to the training video that is now out with Sue. The segments Sue and Leanne show in their EFIT training video with Melissa and Natalie are based on a series of sessions. Leanne and Sue only show clips in their EFIT training video. In Zooming in on EFIT and Trauma, Leanne will be showing more of this work (as well as work with at least one other EFIT client), with a focus on assessment in EFIT and trauma initially. As our sessions progress, Leanne will move more specifically to EFIT and intervention to more fully illustrate the process, and to highlight various considerations (e.g., risk and resiliency factors) that help guide practitioners with respect to matters such as clinical decision-making and therapeutic pacing.
This will be an informative and practitioner-relevant training!  Whether you can attend all the sessions in realtime or not, the training will be well worth your training dollars!  Please join us!

Will there be time for questions during this online training?

Like most EFT training events, the balance between presenting the material and answering questions is always a tricky one. For this online training, participants will be encouraged to reflect on the material presented in between sessions, and to send us their conceptual questions that apply to a variety of cases. We will gather, organize and answer the questions in an efficient way as to not take time away from the material being presented.